Follow us as we undertake a Coaching Study Tour of the West Coast of the USA USC-Mick Haley | UCLA-Al Scates | Pepperdine-Marv Dunphy | USA Volleyball | LA Dodgers


LA Dodgers

Joseph Reaves (Director, International and Minor League Relations) organised a tour for us of the LA Dodgers headquarters which has recently been acquired by a consortium including Magic Johnson.

Director of Medical Services Stan Conte showed us around the “Clubhouse” (locker room, gym and medical facilities) and explained to us the challenges of the Major League Baseball schedule where players play almost everyday (except on days they travel) over 6 months. The Medical team includes trainers, massage therapists and 2 doctors. The medical equipment is extensive and much of it needs to be moved as the team is on the road. It’s like a M*A*S*H unit.

We were most impressed by the professionalism of the orgaisation in delivering a team that could compete during possibly the most gruelling schedule in American professional sports.

We came back in the evening to watch the Dodgers play the San Fransisco Giants.  Joseph organised for us awesome seats near home plate. The Dodgers were resting star pitcher Clayton Kershaw. The game was tied at 2 runs each going into the bottom of the 9th inning, where a breakthrough came from Rookie Elian Herrera’s hit that allowed Hanley Ramirez to score the winning run.

Besides the dramatic finish, the most entertaining thing that happened was watching a man propose to his girlfriend when the “kiss cam” fell on them. It was a pretty cool set up and Major League Baseball seems the most fan-friendly professional sport. It might be the only professional sport left in the US where the average fan can still afford a ticket to go to the game.

It’s been a great trip. Tomorrow we fly home.

57,000 seat capacity


Wall with every player’s name on it

There are TV screens all over the club house level to see what happens during a game in case someone needs to get ready.

Kids in the dugout. Definitely the fan friendliest sports league in the USA.

The locker room part of the “Clubhouse”

Arguably the best seats in the house – the seats behind home plate on the “club house” level of the stadium, where the media watches the game. Also described as “beach front real estate”

7pm game on a Monday Night. LA Dodgers v San Francisco Giants. South California v North California. Dodgers need to win to stay in contention for a wild card spot in playoffs

Awesome seats courtesy of Joe Reaves and the LA Dodgers. Just a few rows back near home plate on the ground level!


Jason Watson

The day only got better with Jason’s presentation about “practice”, which was followed by observing his team practice.

Jason is one of only 4 Australians coaching volleyball professionally overseas. We definitely not celebrated enough in Australia as it should be and I wish more people knew. ASU is in the very strong PAC-10 conference which also includes Standford, USC and UCLA.

What was great about Jason, was he was very encouraging of the coaches there to get off the sidelines and get close to the coaches and athletes to hear the feedback and instructions. They certainly would have gotten a lot out of it. After the practice session, Jason allowed us to sit in the film session with the team studying their next opponent, Stanford.

ASU is big on whiteboards.

some 6-on-6

Film session

Sammi then took us on a tour of the Football facilities, which were pretty impressive to say the least.

Hallway display of Sun Devils who have gone on to be drafted in the NFL by franchise.

The football stadium with a capacity of 70,000 formerly used by the Arizona Cardinals NFL team. Incidentally, ASU has the biggest student enrolment of universities in the US

Massive press box

More Sun Devil football pride

We finished the day off with Lunch with Jason and Sammi. We wish them well against Stanford tomorrow!